Test the viability of your idea in 2 weeks

Step-by-step guided templates with resources to validate + plan your next innovation before losing too much time and money.

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By the end of the 2 weeks you'll...

Understand if your idea is viable

Have validation on the opportunity size

Have validation on the problem to solve

Have a tested value proposition

Have validation on the willingness to pay

Have a marketing ecosystem for your idea

Learn how to go from idea to first sale

Have a business plan draft

Have a system to validate, think and plan your next ideas

Made from a founder for founders

Best practices that work after helping more than 100 entrepreneurs, disrupt the Spanish real estate market in 2016 with deplace.es, and grow my employer sales from 2.7M€ to 6M€.

I know, failing after all the effort we put into building an idea it's painful and costly. Nobody is returning our time and money. I've been there.
I've decided to pack the best of what I know in this product to help you and myself validate our ideas before losing time and money. Proof of it is that I've made $1K and validated StartupBuilder.mba before building it, in just 2 weeks, following the process that you'll find inside.
I'll guarantee you'll accelerate and improve your idea validation process, or I'll give you your money back.
Jose Bermejo - StartupBuilder.mba Founder

How it works


5 Validation Blocks

You'll follow the guide with 5 validation blocks: Market, Problem, Value Proposition, GoToMarket, and Willingness To Pay.


Know Your Validation Scoring

Go through 27 validation checkpoints divided into the 5 validation blocks. Check every step, have the scoring, and move on.
The tool will calculate the scoring for you to know if you can assume valid each of the 5 blocks.


Resources, Tips And Guide

Learn how to execute each step with resources, articles, tips and guides. You'll find my own questions for you to think, tactics, tips and cases on every stage.


Organize Your Findings

While executing every step, you'll find databases to save your findings. Modify the templates and write down your ideas and conclusions to have clarity on the business validation process.


Have A Business Plan

Export the pages with your work to PDF, and you'll have a draft business plan to show, share, and pitch.


Share Progress And Problem-Solve Together

You'll gain immediate access to The Startup Builder community with worldwide founders using this product to share your progress, ask for help, help others, and receive product updates.

Join 55+ innovators avoiding costly mistakes


Founder + Mentor

I just used the checklist on gotomarket to actually talk through with a team that I'm mentoring so this was super helpful by itself!


Growth Marketer & Maker

My goodness! @josberco created a solid process to validate your product idea, backed up by lots of resources.



I bought startupbuilder.mba today. It's genius! Only if I knew it before I would have saved a month!



I worked in 2 failed early-stage startups. We lost so much time on the way, due to lack of coaching. Now I’m using StartupBuilder by @josberco and I realized we were missing so many things!! It is worth every €/$.



If you want to test and validate your your business ideas you should look into what @josberco is building with http://startupbuilder.mba

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